Center for Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Studies

Center for Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Studies


Welcome to the Center for Gravity, Electrical & Magnetic Studies (CGEM) in the Department of Geophysics at Colorado School of Mines.

CGEM is an academic research center that focuses on the quantitative interpretation of gravity, magnetic, electrical and electromagnetic data in applied geophysics. The center brings together the diverse expertise of faculty and students in these different geophysical methods and works towards advancing the state of art in geophysical data interpretation for real-world problems.

The emphases of CGEM research are processing, inversion and interpretation of applied geophysical data. The primary areas of application include petroleum exploration, mineral exploration, unexploded ordnance (UXO) detection and discrimination, and near-surface problems. In addition, environmental problems, natural hazard monitoring, archaeological mapping, hydro-geophysics and crustal study are also within the scope of the center.



The geophysics community lost one of its pioneers in August 2018.  Misac Nabighian was a consummate gentleman, caring husband, father, and grandfather, gifted scientist, inspiring mentor, trusted colleague, and dear friend.   Read his memorial, written by Dr. Yaoguo Li.