Graduate Theses

CGEM Thesis Publications

The Center for Gravity, Electrical and Magnetic Studies (CGEM) has a proud tradition of educating the finest graduate researchers in gravity and magnetics, and EM geophysical methods.  Below is a table of Master of Science and Doctoral theses published by CGEM students.  Additional hyperlinks to thesis titles will be added as they come available.

In some instances, physical copies of student theses may be available.  Contact the Colorado School of Mines Arthur Lakes Library for more information.

NameProgramYearThesis Title/Topic
Liu, ZhuoMSc2019 Effects of anisotropic magnetic susceptibility in data interpretation and its potential in application
Melo, Aline T.PhD2018Integrated quantitative interpretation of multiple geophysical data for geology differentiation
Paré, AndrewMSc2018DC resistivity inversion for structural information
Balza, AndreaMSc2017Joint interpretation of time-lapse gravity data and production data for a gas reservoir
Yin, QianMSc2017Time-lapse gravity data at Prudhoe Bay : new understanding through integration with reservoir simulation models
North, RyanPhD2017The effects of wideband complex electromagnetic properties of soils on geophysical sensor performance
Foks, LeonPhD2016Using adaptive sampling and triangular meshes for the processing and inversion of potential field data
Sun, JiajiaPhD2015Joint inversion of multiple geophysical data and its application to geology differentiation
Guzman, SusanaMSc2015Forward modeling and inversion of potential field data using partial differential equations
Martinez, Cericia (Cici)PhD2015Quantitative interpretation of airborne gravity gradiometry data for mineral exploration
Rapstine, ThomasMSc2015Gravity gradiometry and seismic interpretation integration using spatially guided fuzzy c-means clustering inversion
Tang, WenwuVisiting PhD Student2015Forward modeling and inversion of electromagnetic method
Coleman, CamrielMSc2014Refining magnetic amplitude methodology for use in the presence of remanent magnetization
Putman, BrentMSc2014Aspects of time-lapse electrical resistivity monitoring in geotechnical and reservoir problems
Reitz, AnyaMSc2014Feasibility of time-lapse gravity gradiometry for reservoir monitoring
Vest Woolf, RachelMSc2013Time lapse gravity monitoring at Coso geothermal field
Irons, TrevorPhD2013A flexible automatically adaptive surface nuclear magnetic resonance modelling and inversion framework incorporating complex data and static dephasing dynamics
Martin, KathrynMSc2013Detecting the presence of two hydrogen bearing fluids through the T2 distribution under circumstances similar to those found in near surface NMR
Abdulla, MohamedMSc2013Numerical investigation of coal seam gas detection using airborne electromagnetics
Kass, M. AndyPhD2012Quantitative analysis and interpretation of multichannel electromagnetic data through principal component analysis and regularized inversion
Shoffner, JeffMSc2011Understanding the utility of gravity and gravity gradiometry for geothermal exploration in the Southern Walker Lake Basin, Nevada
Davis, KristoferPhD2010Improving potential-field processing and inversion through the use of gradient measurements and data-adaptive models
Lyrio, JulioPhD2009Processing and inversion of full tensor gravity gradiometry data
Goodrich, WhitneyMSc2007Characterization and quantification of magnetic remanence in unexploded ordnance
Kirkendall, BarryPhD2007Nonlinear model appraisal in gravity gradiometry imaging; properties and modeling of the resolution matrix
Lee, JeongMin MSc2006Effects of low-pass filtering on inversion of airborne gravity gradient data
Sinex, DavidMSc2006Advancing the state of the art of UXO discrimination for total-field magnetic data
Shearer, SarahMSc20053-D inversion of magnetic data in the presence of remanent magnetization
Krahenbuhl, RichardPhD2005Binary inversion of gravity data for salt imaging
Haney, MatthewPhD2005CGEM Project - Total magnetization direction and dip from multiscale edges
Green, AlisaMSc2003Magnetotelluric crustal studies in Kenai, Alaska
Li, Qiaoluan MSc2001A finite element analysis for data interpolation based on curvature minimization