Students, Scholars, and Alumni

Joe Capriotti, PhD Candidate

Joe Capriotti
PhD Candidate

Joe is developing coupled inversion methods to find reservoir parameters from time-lapse gravity data and applying clustering inversion to recover anisotropic parameters using time-lapse gravity and electrical resistivity data sets.  He has also developed a joint inversion of gravity and gravity gradient data.

Liz Maag-Capriotti, PhD Candidate

Liz Maag-Capriotti
PhD Candidate

Liz is applying the guided fuzzy c-means clustering technique to discrete-valued inversions of gravity, gravity gradient, and induced polarization data sets. She is also developing a gravity inversion using the finite element method to solve the gravity PDE.

Andy McAliley, PhD Candidate

Andy McAliley
PhD Candidate

Andy is developing tools to incorporate structural and petrophysical information into geophysical inversion using machine learning techniques. He is applying these tools to electromagnetic and thermal geophysical data.

Andréa Darrh, PhD Student

Andréa Darrh
PhD Student

Andréa is interested in modeling anisotropic conductivity with electrical and electromagnetic methods for use in geologic interpretation. She is also interested in the integration of multiple geophysical data sets in solid earth geophysics.

Zhuo Liu, MSc Student

Zhuo Liu
MSc Student

Zhuo is modeling anisotropy in magnetic susceptibility for potential application to mineral exploration. He is also interested in quantitative interpretation of multiple geophysical data sets for use in the mining industry.

Seungwook Shin, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Seungwook Charlie Shin
Post-Doctoral Fellow

Seungwook is investigating supervised machine learning algorithms and associated efficient and stable computational tools. He is applying these tools to lithology classification from multiple geophysical data.

Zhipeng Qi, Visiting Scholar

Zhipeng Qi
Visiting Scholar

Zhipeng is developing transient electromagnetic pseudo wave field imaging technology to extract additional structural information. He is also focused on transient electromagnetic instrumentation, transmitting antenna design, and related interpretation algorithm development.

Kaijun Xu, Visiting Scholar

Kaijun Xu
Visiting Scholar

Kaijun is developing the joint interpretation of magnetic and MT data in exploration for volcanic units. He is applying magnetic inversion with structural constraints from MT to carry out the case study.


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2018 Aline Tavares Melo, PhD
2018 Andrew Paré, MSc
2017 Andrea Balza, MSc
2017 Ryan North, PhD
2017 Qian Yin, MSc
2016 Leon Foks, PhD
2015 Susan Guzman, MSc
2015 Cericia Martinez, PhD
2015 Thomas Rapstine, MSc
2015 Jiajia Sun, PhD
2014 Camriel Coleman, MSc
2014 Brent Putman, MSc
2014 Anya Reitz, MSc
2013 Mohamed Abdulla, MSc
2013 Trevor Irons, PhD
2013 Kathryn Martin, MSc
2013 Rachel Vest Woolf, MSc
2012 M. Andy Kass, PhD
2011 Jeff Shoffner, MSc
2010 Kristofer Davis, PhD
2009 Julio Lyrio, MSc
2007 Barry Kirkendall, PhD
2007 Whitney Goodrich, MSc
2006 JeongMin Lee, MSc
2006 David Sinex, MSc
2005 Matthew Haney, PhD
2005 Richard Krahenbuhl, PhD
2005 Sarah Shearer, MSc
2003 Alisa Green, MSc
2001 Qiaoluan Li, MSc