Students and Scholars

Students, Scholars, and Alumni

Zhuo Liu
PhD student 

Zhuo Liu is interested in geological differentiation using constrained inversion over multi-physical data. His previous works are about perspectivity mapping of data and segmentation of geologic bodies via clustering over physical property through inversion. He is currently developing algorithms to recover basement relief and lateral change of physical property and also shares interests in machine learning in geophysical data interpretation in the mining industry.

Andréa Darrh
PhD student

Andréa is working on combining information from magnetic and magnetotellurics data through joint inversion as well as machine learning techniques. She is applying this work to problems in critical mineral exploration as well as volcanic hazards. She is also interested in electrical anisotropy and the effects it has on magnetotelluric data.

Brett Bernstein
PhD student

Brett’s work primarily focuses on applying machine learning to improve the way we collect and interpret geophysical data. Sparse interpolation methods such as matrix completion enable smaller quantities of data to be collected while still yielding high-quality data. Furthermore, Brett is also interested in deep learning, specifically using convolutional neural networks to identify and interpret features within data. Other interests include designing low-cost instrumentation with an emphasis on humanitarian aspects, and drone-based geophysics. 

Skye Hart
Ms student

Skye is interested in joint inversion of multiple geophysical data sets for mineral exploration and environmental applications. 

Ray Lowenstein
Ms student

Ray is new to Colorado School of Mines and is beginning work in CGEM by using forward modeling and inversion of gravity gradiometry data over 3D structures in comparison to ergodic sampling datasets.


Dawn Lipfert
Undergraduate student

Dawn is an undergraduate Junior in Geophysics starting her research analyzing magnetization direction. 


2022 Colton Konke, PhD

2022 Taqi Alyousuf, PhD

2021 Hanna Flamme, MS 

2021 Nil Parkan, MS

2021Andy McAliley, PhD

2020 Elizabeth Maag-Capriotti, PhD

2020 Joseph Capriotti, PhD 

2019 Zhuo Liu, MS

2018 Aline Tavares Melo, PhD

2018 Andrew Paré, MS

2017 Andrea Balza, MS

2017 Ryan North, PhD

2017 Qian Yin, MS

2016 Leon Foks, PhD

2015 Susan Guzman, MS

2015 Cericia Martinez, PhD

2015 Thomas Rapstine, MS

2015 Jiajia Sun, PhD

2014 Camriel Coleman, MS

2014 Brent Putman, MS

2014 Anya Reitz, MS

2013 Mohamed Abdulla, MS

2013 Trevor Irons, PhD

2013 Kathryn Martin, MS

2013 Rachel Vest Woolf, MS

2012 M. Andy Kass, PhD

2011 Jeff Shoffner, MS

2010 Kristofer Davis, PhD

2009 Julio Lyrio, MS

2007 Barry Kirkendall, PhD

2007 Whitney Goodrich, MS

2006 JeongMin Lee, MS

2006 David Sinex, MS

2005 Matthew Haney, Collaborator PhD from CWP

2005 Richard Krahenbuhl, PhD

2005 Sarah Shearer, MS

2003 Alisa Green, MS

2001 Qiaoluan Li, MS